Early Interceptive Orthodontics – Canton, GA

Guiding Your Little One’s
Smile as It Grows

When you think of orthodontic treatment, you probably picture a teenager wearing braces. Did you know, however, that many orthodontic problems can be solved before braces are even necessary? At Cherokee Children’s Dentistry, we take a preventive approach to children’s oral health by offering early interceptive orthodontics. We can help kids as young as three years old who are at risk for orthodontic issues avoid the need for more invasive (and expensive) treatment in the future. To learn more about how we can guide your little one’s smile as it grows, contact us today and ask about early interceptive orthodontics in our Canton, GA dental office.

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Crossbite Correction

Child holding a retainer early interception orthodontic device

Normally, the lower teeth should sit inside of the upper teeth, but when someone has a crossbite, the upper and lower teeth are misaligned from left to right. Left untreated, a crossbite can lead to jaw stiffness, excessive tooth wear, and negatively impact the shape and appearance of a child’s smile as a whole. Fortunately, our dentists can prevent these concerns with crossbite correction. This may involve various possible treatments, such as a rapid palatal expander or a lower lingual holding arch to guide the development of the oral structures into the ideal positions.

Single-Tooth Malalignments

Dentist placing orthodontic device to address single tooth malalignment

Sometimes, a child’s smile is almost flawless, but one tooth likes to stand out from the crowd. It might look cute, but unfortunately, even just one misaligned tooth may lead to severe orthodontic problems later by causing the surrounding teeth to drift out of place. Thankfully, our dentists can bring a single misaligned tooth in line with the rest of your child’s pearly whites. Not only does this create a more uniform appearance, but it leads to better oral health in the long run.

Arch Development

Child with oral appliance in place to help with arch development

Of course, in order for a child’s teeth to be well-aligned, there must be sufficient room in their mouth. In some cases, the dental arch isn’t large enough to accommodate all of the teeth that must erupt. Not only can this cause overcrowding, but it may also contribute to breathing problems and even an asymmetrical face. Luckily, our Cherokee Children’s Dentistry team has methods of ensuring that your little one’s arch develops as it should, minimizing the risk of various health problems down the road.


Closeup of smile with underbite

Like crossbites, underbites can contribute to worn-down tooth enamel and jaw problems unless the issue is treated. A child has an underbite if their lower teeth naturally sit in front of the upper teeth when the mouth is closed. We offer various treatment methods, typically involving the use of oral appliances, to bring your child’s upper and lower arches into a healthier alignment.